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Spoil yourself and soothe your body and mind at Rembulan Spa. Using local herbs and spices along with aromatic oils, we offer a wide range of spa packages including specialist treatmeent, facial, body and foot scrubs so that you can relaxand escape from the the stress and pressures of daily life.

Rembulan Spa is a calm and refreshing santuary from the stresses of life where you’ll relax the body, soothe the soul and feel the spirit soar.
treatment rooms designed to exude a sense of calm and serenity.

Blending traditional ingredients and modern techniques, our well-trained therapists will help relieve tension and refresh your body and mind. by balanin the harmony of your body and mind as well as absorbing the the peacefulness, you will be left feeling energetic.

Our Service

Body Massage
Body Treatment
Foot, Hand and Neck


Cozy Treatment Rooms
Reflexiology lounge, Hair Treatment and Nail Care
Reception Lobby Spa

Experience our signature spa treatment in cozy treatment rooms, it will make you feel relax and escape from the stress and pressures of daily life

Step ito our Reflexology which perfectly fit families, group of friends or to simply enjoy the foot reflexology in the Balinese traditional Bale

Your ultimate spa experience at rembulan spa is begin. Our Guest Service Assistant will welcome you and provide spa consultation prior to your treatment commenced



Rembulan Spa Ubud.

Address : Ubud main road.

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Rembulan Spa Hanoman.

Address : Hanoman street no.1

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Open daily : 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM

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